Southeastern U.S.

Southeastern U.S. cruises visit coastal cities in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and other states. Ships that sail this region often are repositioning from Eastern Canada and New England to Florida departure ports for a season of Caribbean cruising, or vice versa.

The Southeastern coast of the U.S. is rich with history, featuring cities that were major sites of the American Revolution and Civil War. Travel the Chesapeake Bay and enjoy blue crabs in Baltimore or tour Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. Visit antebellum houses in Charleston or learn about plantation life in Savannah. Located along Florida’s St. Johns River, Jacksonville is home to more than 200 species of birds, including the bald eagle.

  • Southeastern U.S. cruises are typically 6 to 14 nights in length.
  • Southeastern U.S. cruises typically depart from Baltimore, Jacksonville or Charleston.
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